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AmeriPlan Dental® Plan
Hawaii Highlights

  • No Waiting Period! Instant Savings! No Paperwork! The AmeriPlan Dental ® Program is simple and very affordable for everyone!
  • The AmeriPlan Dental® Programs in Hawaii will include EVERYONE in the household even if they are not related.
  • The Hawaii dental plan is not a dental insurance plan; it is a discounted dental program, therefore, all applicants are guaranteed acceptance. All ongoing dental problems are accepted, except for orthodontic treatment that is already in progress.
  • The AmeriPlan Dental® Program requires that you must use one of the many AmeriPlan® participating providers. If your provider is not listed, a request can be made to have the AmeriPlan® provider relations group contact your provider to become an AmeriPlan® provider. Click the provider listing button to your right to see if your provider already participates with AmeriPlan®
  • The optional AmeriPlan® Med Plus will give you Telemedicine (a 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians by phone or email). Hospital advocacy services, giving you savings on hospital bills, including prior hospital bills! Prescription drugs (including diabetic supplies). Ancillary services which includes: labs, MRI, CT scans, bloodwork).

Order AmeriPlan® Now by Clicking Here


I just want to say thank you AmeriPlan for providing the AmeriDoc plan and thanks to Wendy Farmer for believing in this company enough to become an associate and especially thanks to Dr. Muhammad Emran from Houston, TX. When I called for more info on this plan Wendy returned my call later that evening, thoroughly answered my questions and even took an hour of her time to research rather or not I would be able to get my breathing medicines with this plan. After waiting I got my member cards in the mail and filled out the medical history, at 7:13 PM last night I filled out a request for a consult with a physician, at 7:50 PM Dr Muhammad called me, and consulted with me, not just hi and bye, but CONSULTED! I bet he asked if I had any other questions or concerns at least a half dozen times during the call. Course I live in the boonies so the pharmacy was closed last night, but this morning MY MEDICINE WAS READY TO PICK UP!!!! Now lets see…. no sales push signing up … friendly, professional associates/reps, highest quality physicians TOTAL EXCELLENT SERVICE…. so yeah I’M HAPPY!!! I even shared my experience with the pharmacist and THEY WANT TO JOIN !!!! SO AGAIN…. THANK YOU !!!!!! ~ Joey

We help Hawaii residents get effective and low cost dental programs and provide alternatives to dental insurance, supplemental dental, prescription drugs, dental services, affordable vision, vision care, chiropractic care, chiropractic savings and dental health. So if you live in the State of Hawaii and are searching for dental insurance or discount dental savings, please contact us.  We can help you save money on your dental, vision, chiropractic and prescription needs with AmeriPlan® Dental Plus and additional medical health savings with AmeriPlan® Med Plus.  This Hawaii dental plan and/or Med Plus program could be for you and your family. More information can also be found HERE