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AmeriPlan Dental® Plan Highlights

  • No Waiting Period! Instant Savings! No Paperwork! The AmeriPlan Dental ® Program is simple and very affordable for everyone!
  • The AmeriPlan Dental ® Programs include EVERYONE in the household even if they are not related.
  • The AmeriPlan Dental ® Plan is not a dental insurance plan; it is a discounted dental program, therefore, all applicants are guaranteed acceptance. All ongoing dental problems are accepted, except for orthodontic treatment already in progress.
  • The AmeriPlan Dental® Program requires that you must use one of the many AmeriPlan® participating providers. If your provider is not listed, a request can be made to have the AmeriPlan® provider relations group contact your provider to become an AmeriPlan® provider. Click the provider listing button to your right to see if your provider already participates with AmeriPlan®
  • The optional AmeriPlan® Med Plus will give you Telemedicine (a 24/7 access to U.S. board-certified doctors and pediatricians by phone or email). Hospital advocacy services, giving you savings on hospital bills, including prior hospital bills! Prescription drugs (including diabetic supplies). Ancillary services which includes: labs, MRI, CT scans, bloodwork).

Order AmeriPlan® Now by Clicking Here


Thank you Ameriplan !!! I had to have 3 root canals and saved a total of $1500.00, I had to go to the Emergency Room for a cut finger and tetnus shot. I went to a local private hospital in Irving, Las Colinas Medical. I was treated for my cut given an antibiotic and Tetnus shot. When I checked out I gave her my Ameriplan card. The total visit was $1203.00 dollars my discount was $1033.00 I paid a total of $170.00 When I went to fill my prescription it was $137.00 I paid $26.00 a savings of $4140.00 WOW !! I even got a $250.00 discount at Walgreens on medicine !!! I love Ameriplan and so happy to be a member. Frances Bennett Dallas, Tx

My wife was admitted to the hospital for sixteen days. By the time she was discharged she had incurred over $33,000 in bills from six different medical providers. Still unable to return to her job as a dance instructor, she had no way of paying any of the medical providers she was receiving bills from. The Karis Group was able to help her apply for an assistance program that covered the entire $27,000 hospital bill. The Karis Group then contacted the other medical providers that were involved. Several of the other providers agreed to write off the bills entirely. When the Karis Group was done the total outstanding charges were less than $2,300. My wife was set up on a long-term payment plan on the remaining balance. Total saving – over $30,000.

We help families in most U.S. States to get effective and low cost dental programs and plans and provide savings alternatives to costly dental insurance, supplemental dental, prescription drugs, dental services, vision care, chiropractic care and dental health. So if you live one of the states where we can help families save money and are searching for dental insurance, dental plans or discount dental savings, please contact us. We can help you save money with AmeriPlan® Dental Plus and savings on some important medical care through AmeriPlan® Med Plus. This dental plan could be for you and your family. More information can also be found HERE